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The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Traditionally, education was not delivered in the chaotic classrooms of today, but rather passed down from scholar to scholar by wise teachers who were able to make personal investments in their disciples. We seek to recreate this tradition with our students, pairing them with a highly knowledgeable tutor that may be as much mentor as teacher, imparting academic skills and practices, sharing experiences, instilling confidence and inculcating a lifestyle of learning and success.

Beyond being academic experts, our tutors are problem solvers. We believe that a successful tutor is much more than simply book smart, because in today’s academic environment, a student’s struggles are rarely a clear cut case. Their performance in school might be determined by the delivery and nuances of the material, but in nearly all cases it is also contingent on their own learning style, personal confidence, relationship with the teacher and other factors.

Therefore, we have found that we must be brilliant in each the academic, the social and the pedagogical to be successful tutors. We specialize in teasing out the way to help our students embrace their full potential, whether that solution is innovative or obvious.

Let’s Get Started!

Our Minnetutors are highly qualified and educated professionals who have extensive experience in their respective subjects but also a demonstrated history of successfully engaging students for academic and personal achievement. Our tutoring program supplements a student’s education on an as-needed basis, meeting in one-on-one sessions to address ongoing classes or subjects of interest, to fill remedial needs, and/or to develop habits of study and organization. Our standard rate is $50/session, however, our risk-free first session is offered free of charge.

We currently have coverage for courses and skills including:

Social Studies; History; Geography; Civics and Government; Psychology; Sociology; English; Literature; Writing and Composition; Physical Science; Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Algebra; Trigonometry; Geometry; Calculus; Statistics; AP courses and more

In your first meeting, please come prepared with all materials and information you have related to the class/subject you intend to work on. This risk-free first session is delivered free of charge, to assure that the tutor and student have a good fit, and is most effective when the tutor is able to gain a clear idea of the student’s situation from the beginning. Parents are, of course, welcome and encouraged to join that first meeting — our tutors specialize in one-on-one tutoring but the most successful students are the product of a team effort! Click below to get started today:

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Wait a minute! What is a Minnetutor?

“…as its bespectacled face rose, she gasped in astonishment. Before her eyes was a charming beast with the head of a blue ox and the body of a bookish lumberjack, wearing a tweed coat with patched elbows over a red flannel. A scream rose in the bottom of her throat…”

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