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College applications are an exercise in storytelling. A well crafted one is the cherry on top of a diligent academic career that allows the student and family to take full advantage of their hard work thus far. We excel in helping students tell their stories to the best of their ability and offer a wealth of experience, knowledge and guidance along the way to matriculating.

Our Service

We begin with essays, but we know that the entire process of submitting applications is a comprehensive effort. Therefore, it is intended as a starting point in assisting the student and family throughout the process of applying to schools, if that is desired. Benefiting from a professional network of admissions officers and experience gaining acceptance to some of the most prestigious universities in the country, we give excellent writing assistance and beyond that offer advising, information gathering and application reviews.

So how does it work?

Starting Essay Package ($150)


  • Two face-to-face workshop sessions
  • Three essay consultations

Students may use this opportunity for intense focus on one essay or to receive assistance with multiple essays. With this package, students will meet in person with a tutor to brainstorm ideas or to work together on improving an existing essay, and will receive writing tips specific to college applications. In addition, that tutor will give detailed notes three times for any essays for which the student needs further revision or improvement.

Ongoing Consultations ($70 per session/essay)

After the initial meetings and revisions in the starting essay package, advising and essay consultation is available on an ad hoc basis. The rate covers one in person session or remote support of one essay through completion. In person sessions may include an application review, advising, or other work in support of the family, such as research.

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Wait a minute! What is a Minnetutor?

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