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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X

Despite consistent changes to the admission process and standards in American higher education, getting into the college of one’s choice can remain a complicated and daunting task. Our expertise is available to students and families at various points in this process including preparing for college entry tests, counseling through the admissions journey and crafting compelling essays. After working with us, students and families can rest assured that they have put their best foot forward and will have established a strong foundation for future success.

Test Prep

For better or worse, college entry tests such as the ACT and SAT are one of the foundational aspects of the American higher education system. Although the landscape of university admissions is constantly shifting, these tests are still taken as general indicators of a student’s academic promise.

But as the ACT and SAT jockey for position in the college testing industry, this format undergoes new tweaks and changes every few years. We make sure that you will not be left behind.

Our test prep program offers up to date industry knowledge of college testing beyond what is found in books or taught by classroom teachers and shares it with a personal touch that empowers the student. Our expertise is available in three tutoring packages, designed to serve students at any level whether they are starting from total inexperience or just need a little help to nudge them up to the score they desire.

College Essays and Advising

Entry tests are a major aspect, but far from the only critical ingredient to a successful matriculation to college. A great application tells an authentic story of an auspicious student, the type of story that admissions offices love to imagine continuing on their own campus. This story is most compelling when it includes strong writing in personal statements and essays, and it can be perfectly tuned by a trained, but objective, eye.

We help develop powerful essays, assist students in wielding their entire application as a cohesive story and inform and advise families throughout the application process.

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