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Why prep for college entry tests?

A good score on a college entry test marks the student as a highly qualified university applicant, opening the door not only to their top choice schools but to scholarships, grants, competitive programs and other benefits. Even a marginal improvement in test scores can make a difference of thousands of dollars in scholarship offerings or financial aid.

Why should I have a tutor?

Standardized tests do not measure intellect, learning ability or even accurately represent mastery of the material covered, but rather are a measurement of a student’s ability to combine the knowledge gained in school with technical execution in a specific testing format. Exceptional test prep programs combine the student’s academic knowledge with an intimate familiarity with the format and the strategies to best exploit it. Even the strongest of students should be properly prepared to perform their best.

Furthermore, the ACT and SAT will be far from the last major tests a high achieving student will take. Ironically, good testing skills will never be taught in the course of standard education but will be required to gain access to most professions and higher education programs, even after college.

When done right, a test prep program prepares students not only to be successful on college entry tests but will build self-awareness, introduce universal testing strategies, and ingrain rigorous test preparation habits that will serve them long afterwards.

Our Services

Our test prep curriculum was originally developed over 25 years of iteration by graduate students and faculty in the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development. We have adapted this curriculum for targeted skill refinement in one-on-one sessions and paired it with the pedagogical skills of our most talented tutors who deliver this knowledge to meet the individual needs of each student.

Our students go on to test with the benefits of higher confidence, comprehensive knowledge of the content, intimate familiarity with the most current format, self-awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and mastery of the applicable strategies and techniques. We offer tutoring in three formats:

Single Sessions ($100)


  • One-on-one access to an ACT/SAT expert
  • One session of general prep or covering areas chosen by the student

Test prep can be booked in single sessions for those who wish to engage in tutoring as needed or who may have very specific concerns that can be resolved in one meeting. To accommodate students who may decide to pursue more rigorous prep after attending a single session, one single session fee can be prorated for the Full Prep Package.

Focused Prep Package ($185)


  • One-on-one access to an ACT/SAT expert
  • Two sessions tailored to the student’s specific problem areas

This package is intended for students who already have some familiarity with the test or who only want to address certain problem areas.

Full Prep Package ($450)


  • One-on-one access to an ACT/SAT expert
  • Five sessions–one test strategies overview and four section explorations
  • Official ACT study materials provided
  • Ad hoc tutoring access
  • Money Back Guarantee (if scores do not improve)

This package is intended for students who will be taking the test for the first time, or who desire a full and comprehensive emphasis in each section of the test.

Our packages are organized around the ACT, as that is the most commonly taken test in Minnesota. If interested in SAT or PSAT prep instead, be sure to specify in our consultation form.

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